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Welcome to Art of Yoga. 
YOGA does a body GOOD!!!

Yoga is a combination of core strengthening exercises  and stretches combined with breath. It grants physical health and vitality. Relieves pain and stress and provides mental clarity. It lowers blood pressure, improves posture, prevents injuries, and aids in muscle recovery and repair.  In Yoga we are lubricating the joints and building flexibility. Joints are less stiff and mobility is greater. It's a great way to care for our bodies!! In Power Vinyasa Flow Yoga we are linking our movements to our breath while flowing through poses at a faster pace in order to burn more calories. Each week offers a different sequence. You will see and feel results with a consistent practice. Each week you will notice your flexibility is greater than the week before. Not only will you build flexibility, you will will build strength and balance. You will notice that your muscles are leaner, and tone. You will also feel looser and younger! I can guarantee it!!! This class is designed for the beginner to the advanced and every"body" is encouraged to move at your own perfect pace!
If you are interested in this class please sign up today! You will be so glad you did and your body will be thanking you for it!!!!
                    ****Please bring your mat and water****
It is important to know that 80% of health comes from our diet and nutrition. We must learn to create a balance between physical activity  and nutrition  for optimal health and well being. 

Love Yoga but want a little more?
This class is one that is sure to meet all of your fitness needs. We begin our class with 30-45 min of heart pumping cardiovascular exercises using mini trampolines, hula hoops, steppers, jump ropes and more... combined with fun circuits and obstacle courses. Each week offering something different. This class is great for anyone! We encourage you to move at your own perfect pace offering modified exercises or more challenging ones. Your choice! It is what you make it so no need to be afraid. Just expect to have fun while burning calories!! After a great workout we kick off our shoes, dim the lights, and cool down the bodies with restorative yoga. Ending the class with everybody's favorite "final relaxation" 
During this time we seal our practice with some quiet time to calm the mind and relax our bodies. 
We place a warm lavender infused compress over the eyes and enjoy lying still....
Instead of leaving class sweaty and stiff we leave feeling pure bliss....
With a combination of everything required to get a full body and mind workout who could ask for anything more? This class is only $12 
(Walk in's welcome) or save $ and be consistent  with a monthly challenge!! Only $40

      ****Please wear sneakers and bring your mat and water****

Everyone needs a little restorative yoga in their lives. As we age our bones weaken, our joints stiffen, and little things like reaching high, or down low like touching our toes  become difficult. We begin to loose our balance which can result in injuries. We can easily combat signs of aging with yoga. In this class we focus on more conscious ways to care for our bodies on and off the mat. Working on gentle poses and stretches that allows us to really listen to our bodies and move at our on pace. We concentrate on deeper breathing techniques and focus on correcting our posture and alignment through each pose. We gain balance, strength, and flexibility which is truly the fountain of youth! It's not just about caring for our bodies but preventing signs of aging.  Prevention is key! 
 (Private classes available)

 Aerial Silks are not just for the circus. It's the latest  fitness craze that has everybody wanting more. We use special suspended fabric to wrap, suspend, drop, swing, and spiral our bodies into various positions.
It is incredibly fun and additive!!! We begin the class warming up the body with several exercises that incorporate the silks. We get to hang upside down which helps to realign the spine and decompress the vertebrae and joints with out strain or tension. Incorporating the art of Aerial Yoga we do poses to lengthen our muscles creating tone and definition. This class emphasizes to build  upper body and core strength like no other exercise!!! This class is great for any healthy beginner. Schedule a class with your friends today. You will be hooked!!!

This class  allows the experienced flier time to practice and work on routines. This class is laid back and not structured like the beginner class. We do however begin class with a great warm up utilizing our fabric. You will be sure to get a great work out and have fun while doing it!

{Leggings that are tight at the ankle suggested. Please avoid wearing any jewelry, sequins or anything that may snag the silks. Also avoid wearing strong perfumes or lotions. Thank you!}

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