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Q. What is Yoga etiquette?
A.Yoga doesn’t have to be serious but there are some basic things you can do to be considerate of your fellow yogis.
Remove your shoes. Since everyone is walking around barefoot it’s a good idea to kick your shoes off before you enter the studio. There is a bench just outside the door to place your shoes under.
Turn off your cell phones. It happens when you least expect it…your phone rings but you’ve only forgotten that it’s on. If you have an emergency and need your phone with you just put it on silent during class.
Try to arrive on time. If you are running late just quietly enter the studio and join us!
Quiet in the yoga studio. Yoga is fun and promotes community so you’re going to want to chat! Just be thoughtful of those around you and speak quietly in case someone would like to start their practice before the teacher arrives.
Try not to skip savasana (final relaxation). When you first start doing yoga this may be the hardest part of class. It seems so simple but it’s not. We all have “monkey minds” and have trouble sitting still but this pose seals your practice and is often the only quiet time in your entire day. Savor it!
Q. I am not flexible at all. Can I still do Yoga? 
A. That's what Yoga is for. It helps you build flexibility and core strength. The most important thing to remember is to go at your own pace. We all have different levels of flexibility so not one body is going to look the same.  We first begin in modified poses and give you the option to move further. Each class you will notice yourself getting deeper in your stretches.
Q. What are some of the major benefits of yoga?
A. Yoga offers so many benefits.  To avoid pages and pages of reading I will put it in a nutshell by telling you yoga is the fountain of youth.  We become flexible and that's what makes us feel young. As we age our joints  begin to stiffen. Our bodies ache and we become weak.  In yoga we are actively lubricating the joints. Allowing oxygen in our bloodstream and  joints  and allowing our muscles to get into a full range of motion. It strengthens our core reducing back and neck pain.  And allows us to come in tune with our bodies, breath and posture. 
 Q. What has yoga done for you?
A. I started doing yoga after my third child. It really helped to calm me and realize all the ways I could make myself relax just through my breath. I suffer migraines and have for years. I noticed after doing yoga I had less migraines. I assume they were occurring from tension and yoga has helped me tremendously with that and I was able to get off of my migraine preventive medicine. I have always been pretty strong but it helped me to be more aware of my body and use my strength properly. One example would be lifting with your legs and core instead of your back and shoulders. I am more mindful of my posture. Drawing my shoulders back and down instead of shrugging them. The best part to me about incorporating a yoga practice into my life is the flexibility that I have achieved. I also suffered from carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis. By consistently lubricating my joints I have been able to reverse those diseases. However, if I go one week without doing yoga I  begin feeling stiff again. Raising three kids is not easy. But it's easier with yoga. I'm 40 and I can climb trees with my kids, jump on trampolines, and keep up with them like never before. Lastly, it has helped me to recover from injuries much more quickly than I ever would have. I refuse to grow old and Yoga is the answer to keep me youthful!!! 
 Q. I have a bad back, and suffer from past injuries. Can I still do yoga? 
A. It is very important in this case to get a letter from your doctor approving you to take yoga. It is strongly suggested to take a restorative yoga class or a private class where we can work together one on one to avoid poses that may stress your injuries. Once evaluated you can move on to group classes. 
 Q. What is the difference between restorative yoga and power flow yoga?  
A. Power Flow Yoga often referred to as hatha yoga or vinyasa yoga takes you through more asana's flowing quickly together with breath. We usually add flowing poses in warrior asana's sometimes using weight rather than just holding them and breathing. Restorative yoga is gentle and much slower paced. We ease into poses and focus more on our breath. It is great for someone just getting started, someone that may have certain medical issues,  seniors who are still active, or a full time Mommy that needs an outlet to calm down and reduce stress.
 Q. Is there an age limit for your yoga classes?
A. Any child 10+ can come to any of my classes offered. I encourage kids to come and offer 1/2 off any yoga class that a child attends with their Mom or Dad. Yoga is for every body! I teach kids to seniors. I currently do not offer group classes for seniors who need chair yoga but I do however offer private classes. This Summer I will offer kids classes for children ages 8 and up.
 Q. What exactly is anti-gravity yoga?
A. Anti-Gravity Yoga is referred to as anti-gravity because like being in a pool we are 
weightless. The silk fabric slings allow us to put our weight into it which allows us to move freely through certain poses that would normally be difficult. It also allows us to get into inversions which are great for realigning the spine and taking compression off of our joints. Some poses do require upper body strength and strong cores. If you feel you may be weak in these area's I would highly reccomend starting out with  a regular yoga class. Anti-Gravity yoga is so much fun, and very addictive!!!
 Q. Can yoga help to reverse osteporosis and scoliosis?
A. Yoga asana's can actively lengthen connective tissue on the concavity of the spine while strengthening the supportive tissue in the abdomen, buttocks and on the convexity of the curve. Therefore decreasing the lateral curvature of the spine
 Q. What does the nutrition consultation consist of?
A. During your first visit we take pictures, weight, bmi, and measurements. We discuss your eating habits and goals and work on a nutrition plan to fit your lifestyle. Even if you think you're eating healthy you could be eating the wrong types od food at the wrong times. I had one client who said "I eat very healthy. I eat lean cuisines everyday for lunch." That is really bad. Frozen meals are processed and usually contain tons of sodium and preservatives. Let us help you figure out what your doing wrong and help you loose weight and become as healthy as can be!!!
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