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This is a new and exciting activity! 5 stars to the best yoga teacher!
~Luciana Perez

Andrea's classes are amazing! The aerial silks class is as easy or as challenging as you want it to be. She never pushes too hard, but always encourages everyone to do whatever they can! Andrea makes every class fun; she is positive and energetic. I have been at Art of Yoga since November and I truly feel more relaxed than I ever have. I really believe yoga practice has helped my health tremendously! This is the first summer in several years that I have not had a horrible flare up with lupus. I also have not visited a chiropractor since November! Thank you Andrea for these classes!
~Brandi Lassiter Aiken

The classes are AMAZING! A fun workout with an awesome instructor! Yoga, Silks, Fit Jam.... you can't go wrong.
~Alyson Donnelly Cramer

Love Silks, Yoga, & Fit Jam classes! Just know it will be one of the best things you could ever do for yourself. Andrea makes classes fun too!
~Pam Martin

Silks and Yoga have really made a difference in my life!! Never would I have thought I could have developed strength in my upper body until taking Andrea's classes. She is an amazing teacher with a heart of gold. Participating in her classes have also helped me grow on the inside and understand how we should listen to our bodies inside and out. 
~Bronwyn Key Sheffield

5 stars! Love Andrea's Silks class. You get to play and strength your core at the same time.
~Karen Short Vaughan

  Awesome classes & Andrea the instructor is so fun and positive!
~Erika Duncan Bryant

Love Silks!! So much fun and a great work out too :) Thanks Andrea
~Kristen Lance

Thank u Andrea for wonderful yoga classes!! So good to be back! :)
***** Terri Lynn Johnson

 “Andrea has been an inspiration to me. She is an excellent yoga instructor and truly loves yoga. I feel blessed to have her as my teacher! Thank you”
~Patti Quinton
"Andrea Lagos has been the most wonderful yoga instructor to me. I had never done yoga before and she has taught me so much about this peaceful exercise. I feel truly blessed to have her and yoga in my life now. Yoga has brought me so much peace inside and made me feel stronger outside. I am a Mother and yoga has become a time for me to find my center. Yoga is now my new passion all because of Andrea Lagos."
~Debra Tyra
"Andrea Lagos has taught me yoga so well.I am able to incorporate it into my life daily. She is a great instructor inspiring me to learn more about yoga. I would highly recommend her class!"
~Carole Pemberton
"Andrea has been wonderful at making me feel comfortable seeing how I had no experience with yoga. I can't wait for her next class."
~Jennifer Dutton
"When I began yoga, I was just coming off a year of cancer treatment.  Yoga gave me the focus, stamina and confidence to embrace my recovery and feel good about myself again.  After my first session, I thought I'd have to crawl through the next day in pain - but, instead, I felt relaxed and refreshed.  Over time, I gained the physical and mental strength that allows me to lead a more active lifestyle.  Yoga is important to me!"
~Lynn Gunzenhauser

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